Quoting should be Fast. Accurate. Easy.

CalcuQuote is an end-to-end RFQ Management System designed for the Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) industry. Our comprehensive system enables close collaboration between your quote team, suppliers and customers.

Scrub your (messy) Bill of Material

  • Easily load in BOMs of all shapes and sizes with our column mapping interface
  • Validate BOM information by instantly retrieving datasheets, images, and other part information
  • Prevent line shortages by automatically accounting for manufacturing scrap
  • Reference drawings and other data by attaching documents at the line-item level

Instantly price your BOM

  • Return your pricing, availability, MOQ and other information from our distribution partners
  • Be more competitive by consolidating line items to receive volume discounts on shared components
  • Easily identify excess material exposure and other important supply chain risks
  • Prioritize your attention on strategic decision making instead of tactical spreadsheet-ing.

Intuitively Estimate Labor Costs

  • Increase accuracy using configurable labor activities-based cost modeling
  • Reduce maintenance time by eliminating enigmatic Excel macros or broken formulas from your labor quoting process
  • Automate overhead allocation by using activities-based costing
  • Be more competitive by adding learning curves to activities where efficiencies are realized in volume

Add markup and final pricing

  • Review summary of material and labor costs
  • Add markup or margin based on considered risks
  • Compare against previous quotes of the assembly to ensure consistency in pricing
  • View financial indicators for each quantity and turntime

Metrics and Reporting

  • Understand and improve upon your strengths by tracking win ratios, filtering by sales associate/program manager, customer, industry, or revenue potential
  • Monitor improvement in RFQ response time using quote turntime statistics page
  • Stay ISO compliant by logging and tracking risk assessment reports:
    • ISO 9001:2015
    • AS9100C
    • ISO13485

And more!

  • Industry leading security and stability measures including encryption, Two-Factor Authentication, Azure Government Cloud, and more
  • Attach documents for single source of truth about drawings, BOMs, programming, and other materials
  • Build custom API integrations with your other systems for quick look up of BOMs, internal part numbers, stock levels and classifications
  • Create professional looking, branded quotes with automatically noted exceptions such as approved alternates, do not install and customer supplied components