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CalcuQuote moves the EMS industry forward with process and technology expertise to solve complex problems. CQ's flagship product is QuoteCQ - a comprehensive Quote Management System for high-mix, low-volume Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) companies. By integrating with major component suppliers and using custom labor profiles, CalcuQuote enables a sophisticated request for quote (RFQ) process that delivers quotes with unrivaled speed and precision.

Our Story

Chintan Sutaria, the founder of CalcuQuote, got involved in the EMS industry from a very young age through his family's business. By high school, he had rotated through almost every job involved in a turnkey PCBA production floor. It was through this lense, combined with an appreciation for building elegant formulas and processes that Chintan started working on CalcuQuote in 2014.

CalcuQuote graduated from a "fancy spreadsheet" to the end-to-end RFQ Management System. Today, CalcuQuote aims to transform outdated processes in EMS into ones that align with the modern age. Behind every design decision in our software products is the intricate understanding of industry leading best practices and appreciation for how it will help our users.

One of the core tenets at CalcuQuote is that everyone's primary responsibility is Customer Success. Whether that means promptly responding to any questions from our users or proactively making recommendations on improving their process, our entire team strives to make that be a core part of the CalcuQuote difference.

Our Journey

  • 2014

    Idea on a Whiteboard

    CalcuQuote began as a simple idea on a whiteboard to find a solution better than spreadsheets, emails and websites. Chintan Sutaria, Founder of CalcuQuote, took the idea and began speaking with people in the industry about a possible solution.

  • January 2015

    Version 1.0

    With a bright eyed and eager team, the first version of CalcuQuote was released. The initial version allowed basic quoting function including loading bill of materials, adding costs and labor estimation. This was just the beginning.

  • May 2015

    Now, We're in business!

    CalcuQuote secures its first contract with a customer for a beta trial. The trial period included weekly meetings to discuss feedback regarding product improvements. The CalcuQuote team would incorporate changes by the following meeting to ensure ongoing progress. This was the start of the customer feedback driven culture that has shaped CalcuQuote's success.

  • October 2015


    CalcuQuote booked a booth at the Surface Mount Technology Association's International Expo in Rosemont, Illinois. By the end of the expo, it was clear that CalcuQuote had found a need in the industry.

  • December 2015

    Beta Group Formed

    Having made its public debut just two months before, CalcuQuote now had a group of nine beta customers. As the customer base grew, so did the internal team. The new CalcuQuote team was built on the idea that customer success is key.

  • 2016

    Early Adopters

    CalcuQuote ended the year providing integrations with some of the biggest component distributors in the Electronics supply chain, covering more than 85% of the component market place. CalcuQuote was being used by more than 30 EMS companies throughout North America.

  • 2017

    Picking up steam

    CalcuQuote doubled its customer base and introduced its new batch of product offerings, including SearchCQ and BidCQ. CalcuQuote's growth is driven primarily by its reputation for a well built product that specifically serves the needs of EMS companies and its excellent customer service.

  • 2018

    Expanding the portfolio

    CalcuQuote's RFQ Management System started taking the lead as the #1 Quoting software for EMS companies. Our team started expanding our portfolio by working on new products and services to help our customers.

  • 2019

    The Industry Standard

    We're proud to be the industry standard for the best way to handle quoting for the EMS industry. We've kept the founding values of providing excellent customer service and responding to feedback with monthly product improvements. Our team has grown and we expect to continue to challenge the status quo!

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