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Roundtable @APEX: Skills Gap, diversity and inclusion in technology & manufacturing

(2020)  Chintan Sutaria joined on a panel to debate the need and ways to develop a sustainable talent pipeline and the skills needed for the influx of changing and new jobs.

That SCOOPshow - Series 4 (APEX 2020), Episode 2 - Dr. Bill Cardoso and Chintan Sutaria

(2020) Host Philip Stoten is joined by CalcuQuote CEO, Chintan Sutaria and Creative Electronic CEO and X-Ray guru Dr. Bill Cardoso to explore the role of data and software in manufacturing. 

Eric Miscoll with Chintan Sutaria, President, CalcuQuote 

(2020) CalcuQuote President Chintan Sutaria sits down with Eric Miscoll of EMSNow to talk about the flagship product of CalcuQuote and what was launched during APEX 2020.

Chintan Sutaria, President, CalcuQuote at APEX 2020

(2020) Philip Stoten chats with Chintan Sutaria on new launch of a CalcuQuote product at the IPC APEX 2020 in San Diego, CA.

Global SMT & Packaging Morning Show with Trevor Galbraith

(2020) Trevor Galbraith is joined by Chintan Sutaria to discuss where CalcuQuote started and how it has evolved.

Chintan Sutaria from Calcuquote at IPC APEX Expo 2020

(2020) Kirsty Hazlewood talks to Chintan Sutaria from Calcuquote at IPC APEX Expo 2020.

Scoop Productronica 2019 Panel 

Digitization of Purchasing Process in EMS

(2019) With guests, Markus Aschenbrenner, Executive Board Member at Zollner, and Chintan Sutaria, President of CalcuQuote, SCOOP's Philip Stoten moderates a debate on the 'Digitization of Purchasing Process in EMS'. The panel explore the need to add speed and agility to the quoting and procurement process as well as the need to digitally transform more that just the factory floor.

Chinatan Sutaria, CalcoQuote at Productronica 2019

(2019) At his first Productronica, Chinatan Sutaria, CalcuQuote President, joins SCOOP's Philip Stoten to talk about their latest software developments and the increasing need to digitize the business processes around manufacturing.

Chintan Sutaria from CalcuQuote at productronica 2019

(2019) Chintan Sutaria from CalcuQuote gives an overview of the company to Iain Hazlewood from "What's New in Electronics (WNIE)" at productronica 2019.

konradin and CalcuQuote at Productronica 2019

(2019) Founder and President of CalcuQuote attends Productronica 2019 as the leader in quoting software to announce the next generation of product suite.

Chintan Sutaria, CalcuQuote - SMTA TV

(2019) Chintan Sutaria from CalcuQuote sits down with SMTA team to discuss their latest software product on SMTA TV. Check out and watch the interview with the link below! As members of SMTA Dallas Chapter, SMTA has been a great opportunity for CalcuQuote and our team!

Sonic Digital Supply Chain

Increasing Automation

(2019) Sonic Manufacturing uses digital to move and query the supply chain without human touch and then convert it to hardware at the last possible moment. CalcuQuote sends out the part requirements to suppliers for quotation by actual salespeople. Supplier responses are returned by CalcuQuote to the Sonic API procurement system which then attempts to buy from the new data. This brings Sonic’s automation up to about 65 percent.

The EMS (Eric Miscoll Show) Series 2, Episode 2 at SMTAi 2019

(2019) The last slot on the SCOOPstudio was saved for that relaxed meander through the latest industry trends that is The Eric Miscoll Show, or The EMS. In the episode Eric is joined by Aegis Software's Michael Ford, CalcuQuote's Chintan Sutaria and SCOOP's Philip Stoten. The panel discuss topics from Industry 4.0 to connectivity and artificial intelligence.

The Pivot, CalcuQuote President Chintan Sutaria

(2019) The Pivot first guest we invited President Chintan Sutaria to chat with us about his company CalcuQuote located and headquartered in Dallas, TX, his biggest marketing mistake and the entrepreneurial life. Click the link to listen in! 

Executive Interview: Chintan Sutaria, President, CalcuQuote

(2019) Chintan Sutaria took on one of the main pain points of the industry – quoting – and offers a solution to reduce the time it takes from days to minutes. EMSNOW asked him about his solution and why the industry should consider an alternative to home grown spreadsheets.

CalcuQuote and MANEX ERP, Inc Collaborate

Simplify RFQ to Order Entry Processes

(2018) CalcuQuote and MANEX announce a new feature developed in collaboration to utilize MANEX inventory master data at the quoting stage. The link between CalcuQuote and MANEX will give users access to additional information that will improve the speed and accuracy of PCB Assembly pricing.

Putting the Tech in Texas

Engaging in collaboration

(2018) Chintan Sutaria ('05 TAMS) recognized the tediousness of the request-for-quotation (RFQ) process. So as a second-year student at TAMS, he decided to confront an obvious problem with an obvious solution: a spreadsheet model that streamlined the process.

CalcuQuote Adds Venkel to EMS Quoting Platform

(2018) CalcuQuote customers who have a need for fast and accurate response to RFQs will be able to upload a Bill of Material (BOM) into CalcuQuote and begin the process of instantly searching through Venkel’s inventory with their account’s pricing. The end result is that hundreds of components can be sourced within seconds without the need for sending and receiving spreadsheets.

CalcuQuote Adds Venkel Ltd.

(2018) CalcuQuote, a comprehensive Request For Quotation (RFQ) Management System designed for the Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) industry is partnering with Austin-based Venkel Ltd., a supplier of printed circuit board components, specializing in Surface Mount Components, to provide a faster quoting experience for EMS companies.

Integration of MES and RFQ Software

(2018)Aegis Software and CalcuQuote have partnered to integrate their respective MES and RFQ software, allowing manufacturers to respond faster to changing customer and market demands, resulting in increased efficiency for their business operations and consistently satisfied customers.

Aegis Software and CalcuQuote

Pairing MES platform with RFQ software

(2018) Offering CalcuQuote’s RFQ software with Aegis’ FactoryLogix® MES platform provides plug-and-play functionality through the FactoryLogix® Application Programming Interface (API), leaving no need for users to engineer the integration themselves.

Aegis Software and CalcuQuote:
An Integrated Solution

(2018) Pairing Aegis Software’s MES platform with CalcuQuote’s RFQ software will enable manufacturers to speed and automate their operations from the beginning of the product launch process, thereby making them more competitive.

­Aegis Software y CalcuQuote se Asocian para Ofrecer una Solución

(2018) Esta combinación de software MES y RFQ les permitirá a los fabricantes responder más rápido a las cambiantes demandas de clientes y del mercado, lo que da por resultado en una mayor eficiencia para sus operaciones de negocios y clientes consistentemente satisfechos.

Aegis Software and CalcuQuote Partner to Offer Joint Solution

MES and RFQ Management

(2018) Aegis Software, a provider of Manufacturing Execution Software (MES) and CalcuQuote, have partnered to provide an integrated solution. This combination of MES and RFQ software is intended to allow manufacturers to respond to changing customer and market demands.

SCOOPstudio Roundtable APEX 2018

The Price is Right

(2018) Journalist, Philip Stoten, chairs this debate to discuss the way quotes are generated, the pain points and some of the potential solutions and tools available. He is joined by David Paschall, VP of Sales at CalcuQuote and Elliot Shev, General Manager at Sumitronics USA.

CalcuQuote and Sager Partner Up on Real Time Inventory Integration

Bootstrap 4 has been noted

(2018) CalcuQuote, a software company serving the Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) industry, announces today their partnership with Sager Electronics to automate the bill of material (BOM) costing process.

Electro Sonic enters partnership with CalcuQuote

One of Bootstrap 4's big points

(2017) Electro Sonic, Toronto-based distributor of electromechanical, interconnect and passive components, entered a partnership with CalcuQuote. The move allows electronics manufacturing services companies to search Electro Sonic’s database for pricing and availability information.

Master Electronics enters partnership with CalcuQuote

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(2017) Master Electronics, a leading global distributor of electromechanical, interconnect and passive components, recently entered a partnership with CalcuQuote allowing network expansion for EMS companies. 

Top 26 Startups Coworking in Texas

Success through coworking

(2017) CalcuQuote creates a sophisticated request that delivers quotes with unrivaled speed and precision.

Coworking Space – Nod Coworking, Dallas.

 CalcuQuote Exhibits RFQ Risk Assessment Module

Quote Risk for Contract Manufacturers

(2017) CalcuQuote's RFQ Management solution enables manufacturers of PCB assemblies to evaluate and record risk items related to finances, quality, capacity, and other criteria.

Real time with.... IPC 2017

(2017) Chintan Sutaria, CalcuQuote President discusses Risk Assessment and RFQ Management at IPC APEX Expo 2017.

CalcuQuote Launches BidCQ

Single, easy-to-use interface

(2017) The new platform, called BidCQ, gives distributors bid sheets detailing part manufacturers, manufacturer's part number, and a product description.

CalcuQuote Launches BidCQ Software

Creating seamless communication

(2017) BidCQ is a single, easy-to-use interface tool for sending and receiving bid sheets. BidCQ works seamlessly with CalcuQuote RFQ Management System for EMS companies.

CalcuQuote Aims to Disrupt EMS Quoting Status Quo

A discussion with Judy Warner at SMTAI

(2016) Discussion with Chintan Sutaria of CalcuQuote at SMTA International 2016, a young company serving EMS companies through the development of a fresh spin on quotation software.

Future Electronics Announces New Partnership with CalcuQuote

(2016) Using CalcuQuote, EMS companies can check Future Electronics’ inventory and search for manufacturing part numbers (MPNs) in a Bill of Materials (BOM). CalcuQuote displays instant query price and availability information from a Future Electronics data feed.

CalcuQuote Announces Integration with Newark element14

(2016) CalcuQuote and Newark element14 have introduced a direct integration allowing electronics manufacturing services (EMS) companies using CalcuQuote to query Newark element14's supply database for contract pricing and real-time availability.

Robert Miller Congratulates Future Team for New Partnership

(2016) Future Electronics, a global leading distributor of electronic components, announced a new partnership with CalcuQuote, creating a platform for EMS companies to instantly query price and availability information from a Future.

CalcuQuote Integrates with Newark element14

A direct integration to query Newark

(2016) CalcuQuote and Newark element14 have introduced a direct integration allowing electronics manufacturing services (EMS) companies using CalcuQuote to query Newark element14's supply database for contract pricing and real-time availability.

Circuit Assembly announces Future and CalcuQuote Partnership

Future Electronics Partners with CalcuQuote

(2016) Future Electronics has partnered with CalcuQuote to create a platform for electronics manufacturing companies to instantly query price and availability information from the component distributor's data feed.

Future and CalcuQuote Partner together announced by Electronics 360

Future and CalcuQuote Team Up 

Instant Part Price Data for EMS Companies

(2016) Electronic components distributor Future Electronics has announced a partnership with CalcuQuote, creating a platform for Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) companies to instantly query price and availability information from Future.

Dallas New Tech Launch DFW

Dallas New Tech 2015

President Chintan Sutaria presents CalcuQuote

(2015) Launch DFW is a community and culture for startups as the unofficial first “voice” for the North Texas community. Chintan Sutaria presents CalcuQuote at the Dallas New Tech event in 2015.