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RFQ Management System


Portal for EMS Suppliers


Smart Supply Chain Management

Bill of Material

BOMs come in all shapes and sizes. QuoteCQ's BOM import makes it easy to bring in Excel files without a lot of hassle.

Prevent line shortages by automatically accounting for manufacturing scrap (leader and attrition) based on component class.

Reference drawings and other data by attaching documents at the line-item level. These attachments can be used as internal reference or securely shared with suppliers.

Improve speed and accuracy with QuoteCQ

Still using Excel spreadsheets to do your quotes? Click here to learn why that needs to stop.

Material Costing

Return your pricing, availability, MOQ and other information from our distribution partners.

Easily identify excess material exposure, lead time risk, and other important supply chain risks

Request quotes from your suppliers and track their responses directly through CalcuQuote's intuitive interface.

Designed for EMS, by EMS.

Quote high and lose your customer. Quote low and lose money. Check out our webinar on Labor Quoting in EMS.

Labor Estimation

Define a labor model unique to your factory for easy and accurate estimation

Eliminate bugs from your Excel based labor quoting model. CalcuQuote's labor interface is easy to build, maintain and use.

Automate overhead allocation by using activities-based costing. Split your labor costs from overhead for increased transparency.

Be more responsive to customers.

What goes into risk and profit calculations on a quote? Find out here.

Summary and Markup

Get an overview of each of your cost buckets with break downs by sub category.

Used rules based suggestions for determining the appropriate markup for a job based on quantity, turntime, customer segment and dollar value.

View financial indicators for each quantity and turntime including total revenue, margin, estimated shipping expenses, etc.

Your entire RFQ process in ONE system.

To be good at RFQs, you need to treat it like a process and employ continuous improvement.

Metrics and Reporting

Understand and improve upon your strengths by tracking win ratios, filtering by sales associate/program manager, customer, industry, or revenue potential.

Monitor improvement in RFQ response time using quote turntime statistics page. Download details to create your own charts and drill downs.

Stay ISO compliant by logging and tracking risk assessment reports: ISO9001:2015, AS9100C, ISO13485.