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RFQ Management System


Portal for EMS Suppliers


Smart Supply Chain Management

Identify Demand

Turn the costed BOM from your quote into purchase orders instantly for the quick turn "Quote and Buy" situations.

Directly connect your MRP system into ShopCQ for a seamless, real-time link betweeen your MRP and your supply chain.

ShopCQ is smart enough to evaluate multiple AMLs, recognize preferred vendors, consider custom reeling options, and more!

The future of the EMS supply chain

Want to know the impact of API integrated supply chain? Check out our webinar

Purchasing Workbench

Easily view, sort and filter your demand list in a flexible way.

As you make sourcing decisions, orders are instantly sent and acknowledged by API connected suppliers.

Just point and click to consolidate demand lines, adjust sourcing decisions and reschedule orders.

Improve supply chain KPIs

Improving your purchasing process requires balancing several key metrics

Supply Chain Monitoring

Real-time collaboration with your suppliers for PO confirmations and adjustments.

Once your supplier assigns a tracking number, you can get real-time updates from UPS, FedEx and DHL so your warehouse is ready to accept delivery.

ShopCQ can help you evaluate key metrics so you can strengthen your supplier relationships.